Label Printing Scales

  • Trade Approved (NMI No. 6/4D/396)
  • Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Function
  • Store Up-To 10,000 PLUs
  • Barcode Printing
  • Ingredient & Nutrition Information

The CN1 Labelling Scale comes in a stylish dark grey body and is ideal for grocery stores and butcher shops etc. This labelling scale features a 7″ Vivid colour display which is easy for the customer to read and makes navigating the scale’s menu much easier. CN1 is an easy-to-use scale that is compatible with CAS CL-Works Pro for PLU programming and custom label design. Only available in pole version and has 72 speed keys with the option of using the double click function for increased ability.

The CN1 can hold up to 10,000 PLUs and 1,000 Ingredients and comes with pre-loaded dummy data and pre-designed label formats for the Australian market. Information such as ingredients and nutritional tables can be added to PLU data. It is also capable of printing a variety of Barcode formats. Multiple CN1 scales can be connected via an Ethernet network, also allowing master and slave relationships. This scale uses Dual Range capacities, allowing a much more accurate reading for lighter items.

The CN1 also comes with Australia’s Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) function. This allows the scale to print labels with information such as “Made in Australia with 87% Australian ingredients” accompanied by the Made In Australia Logo and Bar Graph. This information is entered into the individual PLU and the scale will generate the appropriate Logo, Text and Bar Graph.

Capacity (Dual Range):

  • 6/15kg x 2/5g
  • 15/30kg x 5/10g


Useful documents for downloading:


Capacity: 15 ~30kg


Please download the brochure for more information.

User Manual

Please download the user manual and follow instructions carefully.

Scale Software

Free download of CL-Works Pro scale software for PLU data and Label editing.Please select AU(Australia Version) on the installtion NOT selecting UN(English) Version.


  • Trade Approved (NMI 6/4D/396)
  • Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Function
  • 10,000 PLUs
  • Barcode Printing
  • Ingredient & Nutrition Information
  • Scrolling Message Bar
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Built-in Thermal Printer
  • Interface: USB port, LAN, RJ11, RS-232C
  • Free CL-Works Pro software
  • Wired Network (TCP/IP/Ethernet)

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