Thermal Labels

CAS Blank Thermal Labels – 58 x 60mm (MED)

Medium blank thermal labels require a custom designed label template, which means additional info can be added to the label. Custom labels are more flexible and can be updated from time to time to fit with changing business needs.

These labels can be used with CAS Label Design ID51 ~ ID53, these FREE custom designs are pre-installed on all newly purchased CL-5200, CN1, CL-5500 and CL-7200 labelling scales. When using a CAS labelling scale, you simply set the scale to use Label Format ID# 51 ~ ID53.

Sold by carton, each carton containing 30 rolls. 500 Labels on each roll. (Total: 15000 labels)

  • Size: 58x60mm
  • Total Labels: 15,000
  • Label Design: Label Format ID51 ~ ID53 (with CoOL)
  • Type: Blank
  • Made: Korea

$396.00 inc. GST


Download the Brochure & Choosing Label Templates information document. Please read both documents to better understand your label options and required scale settings.

Label Format IDs

Download all available CAS Label Designs for CL-Works Pro software in one zip file. Note: All newly purchased labelling scales come pre-installed with all label formats. Please refer to the brochure when selecting the correct Label Format ID.


  • Size: 58x60mm (Medium)
  • Type: Blank
  • Custom Label Format ID#: 51 ~ 53
  • Labels Per Box: 15,000

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