Receipt Printing Scales

  • Trade Approved (NMI No. 6/4D/381)
  • Connect to Cash Draw
  • Max 8 Floating Vendor Sales Operation

The CT-100 is a retail price computing scale with built-in thermal barcode receipt/ticket printer. The scale uses RJ11 Interface for direct connection with a Cash Drawer making it ideal for small grocery stores and butcher shops as a basic POS solution.

The CT-100 is available in both a pole version and bench version. Both versions have 30 programmable speed keys. The CT-100 can store up to 1,000 PLU’s and you can control all program data using the free PC software called CT-Works.

Handy features include Pre-Set Tender Amount keys, Open Weight/Count Items and the ability to complete cash or eftpos transactions without automatically printing a receipt/ticket. For more information on these functions please read our CT100 Cheat Sheet.

Multiple CT-100 scales can be networked together via RS-485 cables (Max 6 Scales), also allowing master and slave relationships. Supports up to 8 different sales clerks with  floating clerk function.

This scale uses Dual Range capacities, allowing a much more accurate reading for lighter items.

Capacity (Dual Range):

  • 3/6kg x 1/2g
  • 6/15kg x 2/5g
  • 15/30kg x 5/10g
Capacity: 6 ~ 30kg


Please download the brochure for more information.

User Manual

Please download both the user manual & CT100 Cheat Sheet and follow instructions carefully.

Scale Software

Free download of CT-Works scale software for PLU data and Label editing.


  • Trade Approved (NMI No. 6/4D/381)
  • Connect to Cash Draw
  • RS-232C for PC connection
  • Max 8 Floating Vendor Sales Operation
  • Networking – Max 6 Scales via RS-485
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Free CT-Works Software

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