Laboratory Balance

CAS CBL Precision Balance

  • Counting & Unit Conversion
  • Accurate Performance & Strong Durability
  • Analog Bar Graph Display

CAS CBL Precision Balances provide high stability, high durability and quick results for the operator. These advanced Balances come equiped with a monolithic sensor, which allows the balance to be use in various environments. The CBL features an analog bar graph display with sensitivity calibration mode. Also capable of unit conversion with 14 different unit/modes including counting, percentage, caret, kg/g, & oz.

The low capacity CBL comes with a smaller platter and Wind Shield. The larger capacity CBL has a larger platter and no Wind Shield.


  • 22g x 0.001g
  • 320g 0.001g
  • 2200g x 0.01g
  • 3200g x 0.01g
Capacity: 220g ~ 3.2kg


Please download the brochure for more information.

User Manual

Please download the user manual and follow instructions carefully.


  • Counting & Unit Conversion
  • Accurate Performance & Strong Durability
  • Internal Calibration
  • Analog Bar Graph Display
  • Large LCD Display

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