Medical & Health Care Scales

CAS HE-30 small


CAS HE-30 is a slim and compact personal scale. Equipped with an automatic start sensor and a bright LED display. Powered by 4 AAA size batteries. Weigh reading up to 180kg with a division of 100g.

Unlike the common personal scales found widely sold in department stores, HE-30 can be calibrated by a CAS scales dealer which ensures the accuracy of the weight reading. This model is popular among body builders and martial arts competitors where body weight needs to be monitored to be qualified. 

Size 312 x 300mm


ABB Baby Scale

ABB baby scale is a light weight battery-operated scale which is designed to weigh infants and small animals. ABB has an easy to clean surface  as well as a curve design to provide maximum safety and accuracy when weighing. A tare feature allows compensation for extra weights (towel, blankets etc). ABB also has a measuring tape printed on the scale platform for a quick reference. 

Capacity: 20kgx5g 

CAS PB Portable Bench Scale V2

CAS PB Portable Bench Scale

CAS PB Portable Bench Scale comes with a large detachable LCD display and white backlight. Tare & Hold functions. Large carry handle and robust base. Able to connect to PC or Printer. AC mains, Rechargeable Battery or 4 x C Size Battery operated. Max Capacity: 30 ~ 200kg

The robust design of this scale is very popular among heath & fitness centers as well as hospitals Australia wide. The 200kg model measures in dual range 50g (from 0-100kg) and 100g (weight over 100kg), which gives a more precise reading. 


WCS- Wheelchair Scale

The WCS Wheelchair scale is a platform scale with a ramp specifically designed for weighing patients confined to wheelchairs. The low profile design with hand rails support ensures safety of patents while being weighed.

Size: 1200(L) x 1200(W)   Capacity: 500kg x 100g

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